AWD Alignment Service

Hansel Acura Offers All Wheel Alignments Near Windsor, CA

Four-wheel drive is a marvelous thing. It can help your car grip the road and keep you in control, which is important to you and us here at Hansel Acura. We want you to be as safe as possible, and a key part of that safety is wheel alignment. When your wheels get out of alignment, you lose a little control of where your car goes, and as it gets worse, you may even experience the wheel pulling or squeals coming from the car. We want you to be fully in control, so we invite you to get your AWD wheel alignment at Hansel Acura.

How Wheel Alignment Affects Your Wheel

Not only can misalignment cause your car to pull to the side or cause difficulties when steering, but it can also cost you money. When your wheels are out of alignment, they naturally wear more than the manufacturer recommends for your car. More wear means your car’s tires wear out faster, and you end up paying for more tires more frequently than you could have. Come get a tire alignment and save yourself some money!

What We Do During a Wheel Alignment

Our certified technicians have state-of-the-art tools to check and fix your wheel alignment. The repair starts with high-tech cameras that are attached to all four of your wheels. Those cameras read the angles your tires are at and send them to a computer to calculate the necessary adjustments. Then, our technicians use great care and precision to adjust those angles back to where they need to be. Once your wheels are aligned, we’ll throw in a multi-point inspection just to reward you for choosing the Hansel Acura service center.

All Wheel and Two-Wheel Alignment; What’s the Difference?

Two-wheel alignments are done for cars with a fixed rear axle, i.e. 2WD cars. Your 4WD car can turn and use all its wheels for traction and grip, which means all of the wheels can be bumped out of alignment by potholes, speedbumps, curbs, or even harder hits. An all-wheel alignment ensures that all your tires will wear how the manufacturer intended, and you’ll have to pay less for tires for your vehicle.