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Acura Recall Department in Santa Rosa, CA

Did you just receive notification that your Acura is involved in a recall and needs service? If so, we operate an Acura-authorized service center with a recall department focused on safety and service campaign recalls. Recall services must be completed at no charge to the Acura owner at an authorized dealer. Acura recommends scheduling recall services promptly to ensure the best driving experience with optimum safety. Our certified technicians complete recall services according to their factory training and the technical bulletin with genuine OEM parts when involved. Continue reading below about service campaigns and safety recalls, check your Acura for active recalls if interested, and always schedule recall service promptly at Hansel Acura in Santa Rosa, near Roseland Rohnert Park, Windsor, and Sebastopol, CA.

Service Campaign Recalls

Acura is a leading automaker known for reliable, sporty, efficient, and long-lasting vehicles. Acura will use service campaigns to improve performance-based shortcomings. Although service campaigns can involve numerous performance-related issues, they usually include risks to driving comfort, longevity, and efficiency. To get the best vehicle performance as promised by Acura, be sure to schedule the recall service as soon as possible if your model is involved.

Safety Recalls

Roadway and vehicle safety are strictly regulated in the United States by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This federal agency sets safety standards and investigates excessive risk claims. Acura collaborates with the NHTSA to investigate such claims and will use safety recalls to eliminate unreasonable risks. Safety recalls involve services to repair the at-risk component. Although safety recalls are not considered emergencies due to the individual risk probability, we always recommend scheduling the recall service as soon as possible because any additional safety risk is excessive.

Acura Recall Department

Check for Active Acura Recalls

Acura owners can check for active recalls in several ways, but the Acura Recall Lookup tool is the most popular. Customers can submit the vehicle identification number (VIN) or manually enter the year and model. We also welcome phone calls to our knowledgeable service advisors during regular hours to answer model-specific recall questions.


Schedule Recall Service at Hansel Acura

Acura owners can schedule recall services by phone during regular hours or the online service scheduler at any time. A popular convenience among our customers getting recall service is courtesy home/office pick-up and delivery, so be sure to arrange this exceptional convenience when scheduling your recall service.


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